About Nunna’s Kitchen

I grew up in the kitchens of my Nunna, Dolores Parnis and all of my Aunties. Most of my childhood memories centre around cooking, eating and playing together at our family celebrations at Nunnas’ house. Food is how we show love for each other in our family. Cooking is how i still feel connected to her.  Nunna’s Kitchen is about our family sharing memories and family recipes for future generations and loved ones far from home. Meet The Parnis Family and take a peak into how we use food to celebrate life.

One thought on “About Nunna’s Kitchen

  1. Anne April 15, 2013 at 9:56 pm Reply

    Hi there, I’m so happy I’ve come across this blog. I am Australian born from Maltese parents, and am married to an Aussie. I know what you mean by “Nunna’s Kitchen”. My kids love their Nunna’s cooking, we live two hours away from my parents and whenever my kids visit their nunnu and nunna they call in advance and put in their orders for their favourite meals, mum never disappoints them! Mum actually turns 80 next year and I am going to make a book of all her recipes to give to her as a gift, which will also be available for her grandchildren as a keepsake. I do cook some of mum’s recipes but have to make the time to try more. I will definitely keep an eye on this blog. We have been to Malta twice and they do love to cook for their families, always such a big event to get together and have a meal with their own homemade wine of course! Thanks so much.

    Anne 🙂

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